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Fitness Studio

Join us at the VFG Wellness Center for daily fitness classes lead by the top local fitness instructors. The intimate studio and friendly staff is a perfect environment for participants at every level.

Take advantage of the Learning Center, where kids can enjoy education-based entertainment while you take a fitness class! We can also store your groceries in our ShopRite from Home department while you take your class


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Ab Blast

A quick session that targets the abdominal muscles and improves core strength.

Barre Toning

This technique does not involve any bouncing or jumping, instead focuses on small, isometric, targeted movements-often with light weights, at the barre or on a mat. This class is done preferably barefoot or with socks. Each strength section of the workout is immediately followed by a stretching session in order to create long, lean muscle without bulk. It's a balanced body workout that promises to be challenging, yet good for people of all abilities and levels.

Body Pump

Light weight resistance training mixed with low impact cardiovascular exercise segments.

Body Sculpt

A whole body workout along with light weights for strength training.

Cardio & Abs

This class is a mixture of standing abdominal exercises mixed in with cardiovascular exercise segments. We will use cardio kickboxing moves to strengthen and tone the abdominals. Bob and weave your way to a new you!

Cardio Toning

A full body workout, for toning and strengthening your body.

Core Sculpt & Strength

For all fitness levels, focusing of your lower body, strengthening your core.

Gold Toning

For all fitness levels using Bands, Barre and Mat work.

Low Impact Cardio

For all fitness levels using low impact aerobic exercises.


Firm and strengthen the whole body in a fun and challenging workout.

Power Pilates

Pilates incorporating light weights to help tone and strengthen your body.

Vinyasa Flow

Traditional Vinyasa Yoga Flow where breath and movement are synchronized. This Open-Level class will include Pranayamas (breathing exercises), Sun Salutations, Balancing Asanas (poses), Twists, Hip-openers, Backbends, and end with a Savasana where your Body and Mind will melt into the mat.

Yoga Basics

Experience the basic and foundational postures of yoga with an emphasis on correct alignment and building strength. Clear focus on the importance of proper alignment and use of props to ensure safety. Honoring the needs of each student through modifications and various options for asanas. Special attention and modifications are offered to each student while emphasizing awareness of breath, alignment, building strength and flexibility. Suitable for those new to yoga or any level students that want to spend some time focusing on proper alignment and the basics of moving through poses safely.


A high-energy combination of aerobics, cardio & dance, designed as a fun way to burn calories! Each instructor brings their personal style to the studio for a unique experience at every class.

Zumba Gold

Perfect for active older adults, this class focuses on balance, range of motion and coordination while covering all elements of fitness: cardiovascular, muscular conditioning, flexibility and balance.

Strong By Zumba

Strong by Zumba is a high intensity interval class that is synced to specific music.

Fitness Studio at VFG Wellness Center

Reserve the fitness studio for your next meeting or event. Easily coordinate food & drinks with our catering department and let us take care of the cleanup.

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